Sage Inspire Tour


Why is Sage on the Road?

To make you more successful, that’s why!  Sage is hitting the road for a multi-city tour in order to talk about ERP software, industry trends, best practices, and connected services that can improve your profitability & efficiency.  They look forward to receiving your feedback and answering your questions.

If you missed the DSD Software Conference in September, then you should make every attempt to attend one of these events which are being held in cities all over the U.S. and Canada.  This is the chance to talk to the product experts and better understand all the options at your disposal. Best of all, the event is free to attend.

The tour has already made two stops, and will be stopping at these cities on the dates shown:

December 5th:  Dallas, TX

December 10th:  Phoenix, AZ

December 12th:  Irvine, CA

February 4th:  Honolulu, HI

February 11th:  Atlanta, GA

February 13th:  Miami, FL

March 11th:  Vancouver, B.C.

March 13th:  Calgary, AB

April 22nd:  St. Louis, IL

April 24th:  Indianapolis, IN

May 6th:  Montreal, QC

May 8th:  Toronto, ON

May 20th:  New York, NY

May 22nd:  Chicago, IL

The cities that are highlighted are available for registration by clicking on the city link.

Customer ROI

Your investment in participating is time and, possibly, travel costs.  The return is understanding what the roadmap is for Sage ERP products for the next few years. This will help Sage ERP users become more efficient, generate more revenues and profits, and help reduce the risks inherent in doing business.

We believe that anybody who understands the importance of an ERP system to an organization’s overall success will want to attend.  Find out more by contacting any one of us at DSD or by clicking on this link:

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  Written by Doug Deane, President & CEO of DSD Business Systems.

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