How Will You Stay on Top of Sales Tax Changes in 2014?

Avalara 2013 Sales Tax Survival Guide icon2014 is just around the corner and if you calculate sales tax or manage exemption certificates, then you understand that sales tax compliance is not easy.  With so many new rates, rules, and pending legislation coming up in 2014, you want to do everything you can to prepare your business and safeguard against an audit, as it is likely only going to get worse.

Manually keeping up to date with the 100,000+ taxability rules in 11,000+ jurisdictions each is expensive, risky and error prone.  What is taxable in one jurisdiction may not be taxable in another jurisdiction as sales tax jurisdictional boundaries typically do not follow zip code boundaries.  However, many businesses still rely on zip codes to determine sales tax rates, which is not accurate.  To ensure compliance, you need to drill down to the precise physical location.  And when you factor in all the time you spend calculating, preparing returns, and managing exemption certificates, it is easy to see how this 100% non-revenue generating activity is an energy drain on your business.  Are you ready and prepared to comply with these constantly evolving changes?

Sales and tax are confusing, complex, and often frustrating.  Don’t pull out your hair this holiday season, and instead start the New Year off feeling refreshed.  Download Avalara’s, “Sales Tax Survival Guide” and get valuable sales tax tips to help you stay ahead of the game.

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