Improve Your Sage 300 ERP with the Data Integrity Function

bad-appleMistakes happen.  Nobody is perfect, with the possible exception of the DSD Administrative Staff.  Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) has a built in function that you should run on a regular basis to make sure that you have your data optimized.  This process will check for errors and fix the minor ones, including things like orphaned records.

This process is known as Data Integrity.  It is on the Administrative Services tab in Sage 300 ERP and has the unique icon that looks like a microscope.  Just double click on this icon and you will get a list of all your modules.  Simply highlight the modules on the left and click the Include button, which will move it to the right hand side of the screen, to be included in the list of applications that you want to be checked.  For example, if you suspect that you have an issue in A/P, you could just check this one application.  But if you are running this on a regular basis, it would be best to include all modules by clicking on, you guessed it, ‘All’.

At the bottom of the screen is a check box titled ‘Fix Minor Errors’.  Check this box to take advantage of Sage 300 ERP’s built in repair mechanisms.  However, it is a good idea to have everyone out of the system when doing this, since there is an outside chance that the system will try to fix something that is not really broken, such as an unfinished transaction currently being entered by one of your users.

DataIntegrityScreenShot300ERPBefore running ‘Fix Minor Errors’, it is recommended that you change your print destination to Preview, so you can review this document without having to print it.

Click on ‘Check’, and let Sage 300 ERP do the rest.  Depending upon the size of your database, this process could take a while.  Sit back and relax.  When finished, you will get a report of the status of all of the modules reporting Warnings and Errors and whether the system automatically fixed them.  Some of these are easily identifiable and fixed.  Others can be a bit obscure.  If you do not understand or know how to handle some of these errors or warnings, go ahead and email us a copy at DSD Business Systems.  We can let you know what you need to do to fix them.

Happy Accounting!

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Written by Glenn Linderman, Senior Product Specialist at DSD Business Systems

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