5 Reasons to Consider Acumatica ERP Software

5 Reasons to Consider Acumatica

Have you outgrown QuickBooks or not getting the warm fuzzies anymore from your current ERP software?   Acumatica ERP, a leading Cloud ERP Software for mid-size businesses, may be the next step.  Acumatica ERP is web based software, so if you can browse the web, then you can use Acumatica!  Here are my Top 5 reasons to consider Acumatica ERP.

1. Deployment Methods: Access your data from anywhere, anytime

When it comes to ERP software, there are typically 3 options for access:

  • On-Premises: where the client owns and maintains the software on their own server.
  • Hosted: where the software is hosted virtually and belongs to the client
  • Multi-Tenant: where multiple clients are in the same database, yet security options allow that you only see your own information

Acumatica allows for all 3 options!  And get this — you can change deployment methods anytime!  Yes, it’s true if you want to start out On-Premises and switch to Hosted Cloud down the road, you can do that.  If you go to the Cloud and find out it’s not for you, then you can switch back to On-Premise.

2. Reporting & Dashboards

Coming from finance and operations, reporting is very important to me.  Dashboards, well I could work with or without them, though sales people love dashboards!  Acumatica has a great mix of both!   You can produce reports in just about any format and share them with the click of a button.  Viewing reports in the system, allows for easy drill down to the data.  With Dashboards, your sales team can see their pipeline, opportunities, which will allow you to do some awesome forecasting.  And the best part is that the information is all in real-time!  Executives and CFO’s can have their own dashboard personalized to the information they deem important.  If your CFO would like to be notified of every invoice that is posted, you can make that happen!

3. Project Accounting

As a service provider, one area that really WOW’d me is the Project Accounting piece within Acumatica.  If you struggle to keep accurate and updated information on projects, such as budget to actuals, then Acumatica is worth viewing.  Project Accounting integrates with the core modules and can be included in company financials.

  • Expense management – track expenses related to projects including material, labor, services and inventory.
  • Advanced billing – manage all billing scenarios; modify billing rates, project tasks with flexible billing options.
  • Multiple rates – configure rates based on projects, tasks or people.
  • Budget tracking – budgets can include inventory items, non-stock items, labor, services and more with real-time reporting.
  • Time & Expense tracking – employees can enter time from anywhere and any device that has a browser, this allows for more accurate timesheets and real-time reporting.
  • Streamline employee time entry – timecards and timesheets in one single screen, make it easy and efficient for employees.
  • Resource management – assign project managers, employees, machines in addition to billing rules and options.

4. Play to Your Strengths

You know your business best and what works for your company.  The Acumatica platform allows you to build what’s needed for your business.  If you don’t need all the Acumatica Product Suites as you begin using the software, then you are able to select only the suites needed.  As you add on employees and grow the company, Acumatica will not penalize you for growth.  They are not priced by users and have no hidden fees.  In fact, purchase methods include subscription or pay-in-full options.

5. Full Package

Acumatica is a full ERP package that is extremely scalable out-of-the-box.  It can be as simple as you need or as customizable as you want.  Acumatica includes many standard features that would normally be an additional cost with other ERP software:  CRM, Fixed Assets, Payroll, Credit Card Processing, Sales Tax, Document Management and Shipping to name a few.

I’d consider these to be the 5 big reasons to put Acumatica ERP into your next software evaluation.  If you would like to learn more about how Acumatica can be a fit for your business, contact DSD Business Systems to set-up a demo at  Acumatica will help you Take Control of Your Business, Play to Your Strengths and Empower Your People!

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Written by
Melissa Secody, Accounting Manager at DSD Business Systems

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