Session Highlights – Sage 100: Customizer


One of the most instructional and informative sessions at the recently concluded Sage Summit 2016 was Sage 100: Customizer.  This session was led by Steve Malgren, Sr. Director of Engineering at Sage, and Elliott Pritchard, Principal Architect at Sage Software.  This session was a great beginner course for users and consultants who may not be familiar with the features of Sage 100 Customizer and provided a plethora of information for everyone who attended.

In the session, Steve and Elliott provided attendees with an overview of Customizer.  Customizer allows Sage 100 users to:

  • Adapt Sage 100 to fit your business and workflows
  • Modify Screens, data (user-defined fields and tables) and logic (with user-defined scripts)
  • Create changes that are user or company code specific

Some of the features available with Sage 100 Customizer include:

  • Add your own user-defined fields to the screen or fields that Sage does not include
  • Create buttons to pop-up new windows or to invoke user-defined scripts
  • Create new panels for additional screen real estate
  • Add your own user-defined fields to almost any table in framework modules and main entities in legacy modules (i.e. Payroll)
  • Add your own user-defined tables to the framework modules
  • Flow your user-defined field data through the system
  • Item UDF -> Sales Order UDF -> Invoice UDF -> Invoice & Order History UDF
  • Add your own fields on reports and forms, even filter reports by your user-defined fields

In this session Steve and Elliott also reviewed additional areas in Customizer such as Advanced Field Settings and User-Defined Scripting.  A handout was also provided with added information and reference for the Sage 100 Customizer Module.

Many who attended this session at Sage Summit 2016 found it immensely valuable and a great learning experience.

Nicole Ronchetti

Nicole Ronchetti,
Product specialist at DSD Business Systems

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