An Introduction to Acumatica ERP Software

Acumatica is a cloud and browser-based ERP software that has been designed for improving the management capabilities of small and/or medium-sized businesses. These ERP applications are web-based and developed on Acumatica’s internal platform.

The software for the server is deployable onsite and may be run on a cloud-computing platform. Moreover, the software can be hosted in a separate data center.

Acumatica runs on AWS or Amazon Web Services as also Windows and SQL Azure. Its licensed software runs on Microsoft Windows Server having a Microsoft SQL database.

Why use Acumatica

Aids effectively in inventory management: Since perpetual inventory tracking is critical for any business to keep its costs in check while also ensuring that there is enough to satisfy work-in-progress and market demand, Acumatica enhances better inventory management by improving inventory accuracy through automated purchase, receipt, issue and return processes for inventory items.

This is done through built-in workflows that include workflow approvals for requisitions.

Monitors inventory cost: With the application of Acumatica, a business can employ several methods like FIFO, LIFO, and average cost to get a correct value of its inventory, which is again an important component of its financial statements. Thus, Acumatica lets you instantly know the actual inventory costs that need to be maintained carefully over time.

Acumatica increases productivity: Modern tools like Acumatica help you make better decisions based on insightful information. It streamlines production operations, increasing processes through automated workflows that work in tandem with your business’ processes.

Acumatica delivers flexible, full-function and fully-integrated enterprise-class order processing, operations management, CRM, and accounting that are customized to needs of small and mid-sized businesses. Taxes are low, and regulations are being cut which is awesome for business, but it does not mean they don’t need to remain efficient and continue to focus on the bottom line.

Provides business insights: The business intelligence tools of Acumatica and its dashboards combine data emanating from various sources to enable their users to uncover certain insights by way of language queries and rich visuals that may get lost in such data.

Moreover, it enables you to get access to business information anytime, anywhere and on any device. With the rapid growth of mobile technology, your partners, employees, and customers can use such information to access the Net and communicate with you as and when necessary to smoothly conduct business.

24×7 access available through Acumatica: The Acumatica Cloud ERP system gives you 24/7 system access. The content reflows automatically and responds to multiple screen orientations, sizes, and resolutions. This ensures consistent interface and workflow which in turn, translates into allowing people to work from wherever they like and on a preferred device, too.

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