Sage HRMS Success Story: GreyStone Power Corporation

Sage HRMS Sage Cyber Recruiter Sage Cyber Train Success Story

Do your HR processes look like something out of a corporate horror story?  Do you have dusty filing cabinets filled with applications, compliance forms and W-4s?  Do you miss opportunities to hire the best candidates because of misplaced resumes?

We’ve teamed up with Visibility Software, a Sage software partner and leading workforce management technology leader, to help you turn your inefficient manual system into an end-to-end HRMS solution.

With Cyber Recruiter and Cyber Train, we can transform your energy-intensive requisition method into a seamless management process, energize your corporate training and illuminate the entire employee life cycle.

Sage HRMS Customer Success with Cyber Recruiter & Sage Cyber Train

To learn more about how we can help you build sustainable recruiting and training management practices, check out how Atlanta’s GreyStone Power Corporation transitioned from a largely manual human resources solution to a software solution that saves time, money and energy.

Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter Cyber Train

We want to help you turn your organization’s HR nightmares into streamlined, paperless dreams. 

Webinar: Tips, Tricks, and Tools to Find, Grow and Retain Talent

After learning about GreyStone Power’s success, register and join us to hear a wealth of effective tips, tricks, and tools that are vital to any recruiting and retention strategy that will give you the competitive edge! 

Sage HRMS Webinar: Tips, Tricks, and Tools to Find, Grow and Retain Talent

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