Covid-19 & Cloud ERP: How Businesses Welcome the New Work Environment

Learn how cloud ERP technology is rescuing businesses globally during the COVID-19  pandemic.

Covid-19 & CLoud ERP: How businesses welcome the new work environment

The COVID-19 crisis has not terminated businesses that have embraced business resilience. With the aid of cloud ERP technology, they’ve ensured business continuity, which means they are accessing their business systems from anywhere in real-time. These businesses are continuing to run, despite isolation,  while also keeping their data secure in the cloud, and even thriving in this time of uncertainty.

Working remotely with cloud ERP

Corporations have been taking advantage of working remotely for decades because of a multitude of benefits that come with working remotely.
This includes: flexibility, time-savings, increased job satisfaction, less stress, and heightened creativity for employees; higher productivity, reduced operating costs, fewer geographical restrictions for hiring new employees, and lower turnover rates (due to strengthened loyalty) for employers. The reduced carbon footprint benefits is also one more added plus.

Acumatica’s cloud-based ERP solution can ease your transition and growth into a remote-based organization. It is a fully integrated, user-friendly business management solution with the service commitment and telecommuting capabilities businesses need in today’s uncertain environment. Acumatica rests on a flexible, open platform designed from the ground up to give users easy access to third-party applications, scalability, security, and the confidence they’ll be able to continue operating during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
“While our competition struggles to adapt, our team has been able to work anywhere and maintain business continuity under any scenario because we’re running PennAir on Acumatica in the cloud.”
Penn Air Acumatica Customer
Seth Bray
CEO of Penn Air + Acumatica Customer

How does Acumatica cloud ERP sustain—and accelerate—your business in the present crisis and the future? 

Mobility and Insights
With Acumatica, you have easy access to business tools, functions, and real-time data from any device with wifi/internet accessibility. This mobile access and insight into your business operations are available 24/7 from the comfort of anywhere you need. Your team may experience consistent connection and seamless collaboration as you work to meet your customers’ evolving needs.

Maintaining an efficient operation when employees are isolated in their homes, (perhaps learning how to work remotely for the first time) is critical, but it can be a major challenge. Thankfully, cloud-based technology allows you to generate reports, track profitability, and manage customer relationships from right where you are. This includes managing financials virtually, which helps you keep an eye on your business’ daily performance and provides the insights you need to make informed decisions based on accurate, real-time data.

In fact, businesses globally are re-evaluating their work processes in light of this crisis. The urgent need to work digitally is causing them to prioritize digital transformation, spurring 73% of IT managers to either keep or move up their digital transformation plans. It’s the right move. They will reap the benefits of using cloud-based technology, which include lower costs (no need to invest in hardware and IT), improved competitiveness, increased job opportunities, and a future-proofed business management solution.

Cloud ERP to the rescue

"My team has been working remotely since Tuesday, March 17, and we’ve all been able to stay business as usual: efficient, functional, and productive—and still serving clients. It’s been so nice to know we have reliable software we can use from the comfort of our home."
Rebecca Ogle
CFO of Safety Management Group + Acumatica Customer
“Acumatica has been really transformative for our business. It’s causing us to understand key metrics and financial results quicker. Because it’s cloud-based, it enables us to scale when we have a sudden burst of business. If you’re looking for a cloud-based solution that is flexible for your current and future business needs, I would highly recommend considering Acumatica.”
Chris Williams
Director of Business Operations

Acumatica can help you execute and deliver with a 100% remote workforce, too. Download our free eBookThe New State of Work in Challenging Times and get the cloud ERP tools and resources you need to embrace the new way of working. Our team is standing by—remotely—to answer any questions and/or to schedule an online demonstration.

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