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Why Does ERP Software Increase Productivity?

Take a look at almost any business blog today, and eventually, you’ll come across a post about ERP software and how it can help to increase your company’s productivity. If you know anything about an ERP system, you likely know that it’s designed to help collect and organize the data…

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Technophobes? Learn How to Help them Adapt

Resistance to change. It’s a characteristic that makes most managers run in fear from some employees. Often the employees in question have experience and insight no one else on the team does, but because they won’t adopt new technology, they can damage the team and the entire company. It’s especially…

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Three Hidden Benefits of ERP Software

ERP software solutions are often discussed as the ideal option for many of today’s companies, but if you’re not sure about the benefits, you may be a bit leery of an investment in this area. While most of the literature surrounding ERP software offers a small taste of the bonuses…

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