Sage 100 Manufacturing Enhancements

Sage 100 Bill of Materials Enhancements

Bill of Materials Production Lot/ Serial Distribution (BMPD)

Sage 100 Standard allows the entry of a Starting Lot/Serial Number on the Production Entry Header for lot/serialized Bills.

This DSD Enhancement adds the ability to assign multiple unique lot/ serial numbers on the Production Entry Header.

Bill of Materials
Cost Roll Up Register to Include Kit Items (BM-1019)

Enables Sage 100 to include Kit Items on the Bill of Materials Cost Roll Up Register.

Bill of Materials
Parent Items as Components of Themselves (BM-1026)

Modifies Bill of Material Maintenance and Production Entry to allow a Serialized Parent Item to be entered as a component of its own Bill of Material.

Bill of Materials
Production Entry from Sales Order Invoice (BM-1033)

Adds a utility which generates production entries from the Sales Order Invoices.

Bill of Materials
35 Option Categories (BM-1042)

Adds Bill of Material Categories A – Z and expands the Options Codes list to allow entry of the 35 categories.

Bill of Materials
Alternate Component Order on Picking Sheets (BM-1043)

Modifies Bill of Material Inquiry and graphical Picking Sheet Printing to display or print all line types in the order in which they exist in Bill of Material Maintenance.

Sage 100 Work Order Extended Solutions

Work Order Material to Use Default Warehouse Code (WODW)

The Work Order Entry/Materials Tab has been enhanced to default the Item Line’s Warehouse Code to be the Default Warehouse Code setup in Item Maintenance.

Bar Code Import into
Work Order (WO-1000)

This utility is designed to import data from a hand-held bar code scanner.

Operation Ticket Printing with Range of Work Order Numbers (WO-1004)

Allows a range of Work Order Numbers to be entered on the Operation Ticket Printing Selection screen.

Quantity on Work Order Excluded from Quantity Available (WO-1023)

This enhancement to the Work Order, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Inventory Maintenance and Bill of Materials modules will enable these modules to exclude the Quantity on the Work Order from the Quantity Available calculation.

Work Order Integration with 35 Option Categories

Adds enhanced support for BM-1042: 35 Option Categories to all Work Order programs.

Work Order Number as Trans Number for Material Issues (WO-1035)

Substitutes the Work Order Number in place of the Transaction Number associated with a Material Issue in the update to the Inventory Transaction Detail file.

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