System and Utilities Enhancements

Sage 100 Enhancements for Library Master

Library Master Company Consolidation (LMCC)

Allows users to combine data tables for multiple companies into one consolidated company to allow for consolidated reporting or to create a new operating company (for processing live transactions).

Library Master SQL to non-SQL Migration Utility (LMSN)

Can be installed on a Sage 100 Premium (SQL) system, and allows the user to select a non-SQL Sage 100 system to copy data files to.

Library Master SQL Mirroring (LMSQ and LMSR)

Allows the user to choose which Sage 100 ERP Data files to be mirrored directly into a SQL Database in “Real Time” .

This means as the records are added, updated, or removed from the native Providex Database, a live record will be mirrored to your chosen SQL Database. The user may use Crystal reports to report directly from the SQL database.

Library Master User Login Activity Log (LM-1031)

This enhancement to the Library Master module creates a log entry each time a user logs in or out of Sage 100.

Library Master Enhanced Faxing for Paperless Office (LM-1033)

Adds internet faxing capabilities to Paperless Office by converting faxes to emails for the following providers: Faxaway, eFax, MaxEmail, Protus..

Library Master Premium Data File and Display Maintenance (LMDF)

Allows users to view and edit information on both Providex and SQL (Premium) systems.

Sage 100 Enhancements for Visual Integrator

Visual Integrator Export During Update (VIEU)

Allows Visual Integrator Exports to be assigned to each Update Program in the AP, AR, IM, SO, and PO modules.  After the user selects Yes to Update a specific entry or batch in these modules, the VI Export that is assigned to it will “silently” execute.

Enhanced Visual Integrator Log (VI-1001)

Creates a distinct text file for each Visual Integrator Import job and will record all errors associated with that import. This log will record the company code and date as well as the records in the job which failed and their failure message.

Enhanced Custom Office User Defined Fields (CM-1001)

Enhances the Custom Office module by adding the ability to specify a User Defined Field as one of the following standard Sage 100 ERP data field types:

  • A/R Customer Number
  • A/P Vendor Number
  • G/L Account Number
  • Sales Order Number
  • Item Number
  • Sequence Number
  • Unique Sequence Number

You can also password-protect a UDF.

 Custom Office UDF Selection for S/O Auto Invoice Generation (CM-1024)

Allows SO Header UDFs to appear as filters in the Auto Generate Invoice Selection grid.

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