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LightWork Time and Attendance Datasheet

LightWork Time and Attendance

LightWork Time and Attendance is a very versatile platform for tracking employee time for businesses with one or more locations, and it easily accommodates remote workers. A desktop punch, kiosk punch, or biometric/swipe time clock can all be used to enter time. It also includes the flexibility to allow employees and managers to record and manage time using their own mobile devices.

Time can be monitored in lump sums or in hourly intervals. These hours’ earning categories can be assigned to regular, paid time off, or sick time, depending on the user’s preferences. Overtime coding errors are eliminated because to the system’s built-in rules for identifying and calculating overtime.

The site manager can save and accept all time input as complete once all time from a location has been submitted. Multiple site managers can input and approve hours for the same person if they work in multiple locations. Human Resources can identify which locations have been granted time for that pay period and which are still pending approval.

LightWork Time and Attendance Features

Mobile punching

Desktop Time Entry


PTO Requests

Attendance Tracking

Employee Self Service

LightWork Mobile

When it comes to where and how time is punched, LightWork Mobile gives you additional options. Employees and managers who travel regularly are able to keep track of their time from any location. Employees and managers can utilize their own devices or a device specified by their employer with LightWork Mobile. Any iOS, Android, Mac OS X, or Windows device can run LightWork Mobile.

Personal Kiosk – Allows a user to punch, view their timesheet and punch history from their own device. If an employee is using a personal kiosk they can save their ID to make logging in quick and easy.

Public Kiosk – Allows a LightWork Kiosk to be set up on any device that multiple users can use to punch, view timesheets and punch history. The public kiosk makes it easy for multiple employees to punch in/out by clearing the ID and Pin after every punch.

LightWork Mobile Datasheet

LightWork Time for SaaS Datasheet

LightWork Time for SaaS

LightWork Time Software as a Service (SaaS) is a hosted time and attendance service with a subscription model. Businesses will benefit significantly from this cost-effective option. All you need is a web browser to get started. There is no software installed on users’ PCs, and there is no need to worry about program upgrades or data backups. LightWork SaaS is more convenient, quicker, and cost-effective.

Customer Benefits Include:
LightWork manages ongoing performance, server tuning, security and the stability of the LightWork SaaS. To reduce the danger of service interruptions, they provide the greatest level of quality and service, which is founded on the best available hardware and software infrastructure. Your annual price is calculated depending on the number of employees in your company and allows you flexibility as your needs evolve.

LightWork Integration

LightWork can integrate with any HR or Payroll solution through the LightWork Connector.

Make your job easier using LightWork Software. Having many software platforms that function independently of one another might make it practically impossible to keep information updated and accurate. With LightWork, that problem goes away! LightWork can be integrated with any client software via the LightWork Connector.

LightWork Time for Sage 100 Payroll

LightWork Time for Sage 300 Payroll

LightWork Time for Sage HRMS

LightWork Time for Acumatica

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