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AvidXchange + Sage Intacct

AvidXchange AP and Payment Automation solutions are user friendly, flexible and easy to integrate with Sage Intacct.

AvidXchange is an AP and payment automation solution provider that integrates to the Sage Intacct platform. This solution is designed to mirror users’ current approval processes and workflows, but without the paper and inefficiency. By automating the process, users will be able to track invoices electronically, streamline workflows, have a central repository for anytime, anywhere access to invoice data, and make payments with the click of a button.

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Key Features

Eliminate Paper

Invoices are received electronically with AvidXchange where coding is very easy, so you can eliminate the paper from your process and the errors that come along with manual data entry.

Eliminate Manual Tasks

Cut processing costs by up to 60% by eliminating manual tasks like scanning, data entry, printing checks and filing.

Approve Anywhere

Authorized staff can log in and approve invoices and payments online 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection.

Gain Total Control

Enforce your existing business rules, set permissions and have access to a complete audit trail from PO to payment.

Pay More Ways

Pay suppliers right from AvidXchange via check, virtual card or ACH+ and benefit from rebates available for electronic payments.

24/7 Visibility

Get on-demand insight into invoice status, performance and financial status for timely reporting and accountability.


AvidXchange provides software solutions and dedicated service teams that help automate your accounts payable and payment process.

AvidXchange’s 100% automated invoice to pay solution provides a leading end-to-end spend management platform that delivers improved visibility and control over payables with paperless invoicing, automated purchase requests and integrated electronic payments.





Invoice Management Software from AvidXchange is built to automate your company’s current accounts payable process. No matter how many invoices you have, they’ll be automatically coded, assigned to the appropriate workflow, and routed electronically for approval. Once invoices get your stamp of approval, they flow directly into your accounting system for payment processing.


Full-service bill payment software allows users to trade in paper, stamps, and hours for a few simple clicks to pay all of your vendors without worries. Get your suppliers paid faster than ever with flexible, managed payment options like Mastercard, AvidPay Direct (our Enhanced Direct Deposit option) or check.



Procurement made simple with AvidXchange. AvidXchange’s Purchase Order application is a comprehensive, web-based solution that enables you to automate your company’s purchase order process and control costs by preventing unwanted purchases.

    Benefits You Can Quantify

    When you automate your AP and payment process, you’ll eliminate all of the manual and time-consuming tasks in your process that are inefficient and costing you money. You’ll take back control of your businesand give back valuable time to your team to focus on more strategic, revenuedriving work. 

    Speed Up Invoice Processing From 10 to 3 Days

    Reduce Your Cost of Approving and Paying Invoice by 60%

    Increase Control With 24/7 Visibility Into Every Payment

    Customer Testimonials

    We are providing much better services to our clients. We are paying vendors on time, and we have visibility to every exception that happens and why it happens so we can get better each and every time.

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