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Acumatica Magento Connector

Acumatica Magento Connector

The Acumatica Magento Connector connects user’s Acumatica back-office system to Magento, allowing for smooth product, customer, and fulfillment data transfer. When data is input into one platform (Magento or Acumatica ERP), the two-way sync populates fields in the other, removing the need for duplicate entries.

Boost Magento Operations

Reduce the amount of time it takes to accomplish tasks that are essential to day-to-day operations. The Magento Connector’s automation features provide the basis for eCommerce development by increasing efficiency in the following areas:

Product Information

Sync Acumatica Cloud ERP sales data and product inventory information to Magento.


Orders are pushed from Magento to Acumatica Cloud ERP, which includes important order elements including goods, quantities, discounts, taxes, and shipping information.

Customer Data

To provide customers the greatest possible experience in user's shops, they keep information up to date and respond to their requirements.

Other Advantages

Supports numerous Magento stores and captures refunds as well as selling prices.

Order Tracking

Customers are able to track their deliveries from a single location.

Make Decisions With Confidence

Make complete data sets from Magento’s sales, product, and customer data. Acumatica’s customized reports are accurate and up to date, allowing key stakeholders to make well-informed choices that will help them sell more items and retain more customers.

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Inventory Intelligence

Repurpose numerous hours spent assessing current inventory levels and conducting calculations to estimate what suppliers will be required. The Connector displays current assets and provides reports through automatic synchronization to indicate ideal inventory levels, giving the knowledge needed to meet consumer demand and avoid overstock problems.

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Dynamic Pricing

Applying optimal pricing points to items across all retail channels helps users profit. The Connector makes it simple to spot fast-moving and slow-moving goods, allowing for dynamic pricing modifications based on internal demand. Combine these findings with industry trends to develop pricing strategies that provide a foundation for recurring consumers.

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Reliable Fulfillment

Customers have many alternatives with so many shops selling items online, and they typically only buy again if they feel linked through excellent levels of service. Customers receive requested information and goods on time thanks to Acumatica’s automation of the pick-pack-and-ship process, customer messaging, shipping, and tracking.

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Efficient Returns

Integrate customer-initiated requests directly into back-office processes to simplify refunds and exchanges. Returns and exchanges are easily tracked across inventories, accounting, customer accounts, and more, thanks to the Connector. Returns can be processed accurately and swiftly for customers now that all information is immediately provided.

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Acumatica Magento Connector

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