Braintree Credit Card Processing

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Braintree Credit Card Processing

Braintree Credit Card Processing

Connect Braintree &
Acumatica Cloud ERP

The Braintree integration for Acumatica from Kensium brings the power and security of Braintree’s credit card processing mechanisms to a local ERP, allowing users to approve and collect payments directly at the sales order level.

About Braintree

Kensium’s Braintree Payment Plugin for Acumatica adds another option for users who want to spend less time thinking about sales orders and payments by providing secure and fast credit card transactions using Braintree.

Expand business with additional payment options and easily connect  eCommerce site transactions with Braintree for a clear picture of the transaction lifecycle via comprehensive reporting capabilities. The tokenization and vaulting of payment data by Braintree helps to alleviate the cost of PCI DSS compliance.



Support for Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay, and Google Pay in a single integration


If a user's company utilizes Magento and Acumatica, the Braintree plugin will effortlessly transfer payment tokens between the two systems.


Credit card details are passed to a Braintree-hosted form that ensures the entire process is PCI-compliant.

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Braintree Credit Card Processing

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